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mission statement

To provide our members with a high end, professionally run and well-maintained gym; backed up with the very best gym equipment, facilities, and kitchen.

Our customers are our highest priority, and our staff will stop at nothing to serve, create, empathise, and deliver the very best experience to each member.

The Warehouse Gym is strong, atmospheric, and most importantly; friendly, welcoming each person that walks through our door.

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Our Core Values


Community is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that gyms can be daunting, which is why our staff will always ensure that you feel welcome and included each time you enter our facility. Our gym promotes a sense of belonging by making every member feel like part of the W1 family.


At W1 we understand that everyone has different backgrounds and are at different stages of their fitness journeys. All our staff are supportive, understanding and care for the mental and physical wellbeing of every member. We are here to help.


Our staff are committed to providing the highest quality support to each and every member, whether you need fitness advice, personal training or general support, our staff are there to help. Not only are our staff committed to you, but we also help you stay committed to your fitness by providing the highest quality equipment to assist you in meeting your fitness goals.

Meet the team

Whether you are looking for a personal trainer or have questions about the equipment or classes, our team are here to help you. Each of our personal trainers are highly qualified and take into account your age, ability, injury history and your goal to then use the most efficient training techniques to support you in reaching your goal.

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