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The Kitchen at The
Warehouse Gym is truly
one of a kind

The open plan kitchen and dining area enables you to have direct contact with your chef, meaning that if you have any specific dietary requirements or a request for a meal that isn’t on the menu, we can create a dish that works for you. We understand that diet and training go hand in hand, so if you are following a specific meal program and require a dish tailored to your needs, we will go the extra mile to weigh out the components of the dish to ensure you are hitting your macro/micronutrient goals.

All our food is produced from scratch using fresh ingredients, meaning we can guarantee high quality products for our customers. Pre-made meals or baked goods are not our style, as we believe in providing customers with the reassurance of knowing what goes into our home-cooked food.

You don’t need to be a W1 member to visit our Kitchen, so come on in and try it for yourself – everybody is welcome!

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