I have visited the Warehouse Gym on several occasions since it opened and have always been impressed with the quality of the equipment and well curated surroundings throughout the Gym. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly – they have helped me get a lot closer to achieving my health and fitness goals. The live DJ appearances every Monday evening are a fantastic and unique feature of the Gym which is one of the several reasons the Warehouse Gym stands out from any other Gym locally.

I have been training for nearly 15 years and in that time, I have visited countless Gyms across the UK, Europe, Asia and the United States. The Warehouse Gym in Byfleet is better equipped than any other Gym that I have used. The sheer variety of the machines on offer is staggering, the décor is crisp and professional, and the interior is always immaculately clean. The staff are impressively knowledgeable and keen to assist; in fact, the whole community feel within the Gym is cordial and inviting. It is incredible how well developed the Gym’s offering is given its relative infancy.

The Warehouse Gym – what a fantastic facility. It is amazing what has been done with the building; the equipment in the Gym and the variety of classes and the facility on offer is unparalleled locally. Dave, the Gym Manager, is always there to help, assist and instruct in any way that is needed by the clients or members of the Gym. There are several classes that run over the course of the week for everyone to utilise – all created with different goals in mind at a very reasonable monthly cost. An amazing Gym and an amazing facility.

I have been very impressed since joining Warehouse Gym when it opened last year with the Gym, the classes and the staff team. I have historically had a long – standing back issue which has significantly improved with the guidance and support of the internal Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists based at the Gym. I am very confident in that this collaborative approach has greatly reduced my rehabilitation time. I do not believe that there is any other Gym that would have been as supportive of my recovery over the previous twelve months.

I went to the Warehouse Gym today – it is a very friendly Gym with great equipment and a very unique place to train.

The Warehouse Gym is very professionally run. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the facility and the Gym industry as a whole. There is a really positive feeling to the place - great equipment and facilities on offer and not over crowded. The Gym is always really clean and tidy. Perfect for all abilities – it is the best Gym I have ever been a member of. I would highly recommend it.

The Warehouse Gym offers everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Gym has the most fantastic range of equipment that is always kept clean and maintained to the highest standard. Being a member here has transformed my body for the better and every session and class I attend I feel stronger and fitter as a result. The staff and Management are very easy to talk to and give the Gym a friendly environment to train in.

I have been training in various different Gym’s for several years, however, the Warehouse Gym in Byfleet is the best Gym I have ever trained in in the UK. The staff are friendly and approachable and the way the Gym is set up it has made for an amazing atmosphere in the Gym and café area. It is full of all the equipment you could possibly need during your training regime; there has been huge attention to detail placed in the set up and choice of equipment. From beginners to advanced, everybody is catered for.

This Gym really does cater for all. The cleanliness of this Gym is something that really stands out in comparison to other Gym’s in the area that I have used. The staff are lovely, they are friendly and are always helpful. Since becoming a member at the Warehouse Gym, it has completely changed the way in which I train and, as a result, my physique has changed dramatically.

The Warehouse Gym is a welcoming and lovely Gym to be a part of, where the atmosphere is friendly, and training is taken very seriously. Training at this Gym is both hard and enjoyable. Since joining the Gym, my training has improved considerably - assisted massively through the vast range of Bootcamps and classes offered to everyone who uses the Gym. I really love being a member of the Gym.

The Warehouse Gym is a great Gym with awesome equipment and a great atmosphere makes training that much better and more enjoyable. The staff are very friendly.

The Warehouse Gym is the best Gym facility in Surrey; with a friendly team and the best classes available for the members. Overall, a really impressive place to work out and exercise.

The Warehouse Gym is a lovely Gym, has a great atmosphere and the staff are always super friendly. Since joining, I have lost more than a stone thanks to the great Personal Training sessions and the amazing diet advice. I am very happy being a part of this Gym and its wonderful environment.

I have been a member of the Warehouse Gym now for just over a year. I have been a member of various different Gym’s in the Surrey area and this Gym has, by far, been the best and most enjoyable to work out in. The staff are very friendly, the music is upbeat and motivating, the equipment is always in pristine condition and the new Gym challenges are fun and nicely competitive each month. I have never had a bad experience within Warehouse Gym as there is a real sense of community amongst all the members.

After seeing it advertised, I decided to join the Warehouse Gym and leaving Pure Gym behind. I am very happy with the decision and can’t see myself training anywhere else again. There is a great atmosphere and the staff team are lovely and always available to help. The Gym is full of great equipment and the aircon is a huge bonus. The mixture of the loud music and like-minded people always make training that much better. The commute to the Gym is a bit further for me but given the quality and atmosphere of the Warehouse Gym then I do not mind one bit.

If I had known about the Warehouse Gym when I first moved to this area, I would have joined this facility much sooner. The staff are always friendly and the members in the Gym make it for a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I enjoy doing the Bootcamps that are on offer and the equipment within the Gym is excellent. There is a piece of equipment for every piece of your body. There is a massive range of dumbbells on offer in the main area of the Gym. The Gym has a Strongman area where you can flip a tyre and push or pull a prowler which is never normally available in other Gym’s. The coffee and protein shakes are to die for!

The Warehouse Gym is a very nice, very clean and an affordable Gym facility. The staff are always friendly and approachable. Dave, the Manager, is always eager to help people in the Gym and always gives good, knowledgeable advice. Since I have joined the Warehouse Gym, I have made considerable progress. I would highly recommend using this Gym.

The Warehouse Gym is the best Gym I have been to in the UK, with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. The Gym has all the equipment you could possibly need and has a great attention to detail throughout. From beginners, to advanced, everybody is catered for.

The Warehouse Gym offers everything you need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Gym has fantastic equipment that is always clean and maintained really well. This gym has helped my body for the better, every session I feel stronger and feel fitter. The staff are easy to talk to and give the Gym a friendly environment to train in.

The Warehouse Gym is a Gym that caters for all. The cleanliness of the Gym is on point! The staff are always friendly towards me and are always helpful. This Gym has completely changed the way I train and my physique has changed dramatically as a result.

The Warehouse Gym is a welcoming and friendly Gym; where training is taken seriously but also made enjoyable for all the members. My training has improved considerably since joining the Warehouse Gym and I have been assisted greatly through the bootcamps and classes that are offered to the members. I love it here and cannot see myself training at any other Gym’s.

Really pleased I’ve moved to this modern and clean gym. All the staff and trainers are friendly and helpful, and the equipment is first class. It is a good environment and I leave feeling motivated and believe it or not I actually look forward to going back to the gym.

The Warehouse Gym has excellent fitness facilities and an extensive range of equipment. But so do a handful of other gyms in Surrey and Hampshire. What sets The Warehouse Gym apart is the inclusive community feel that it has fostered in a relatively short time. The cafe is comfy, and the staff are very welcoming; indeed I tend to come to the cafe to work when I'm working remotely. The wifi is quick and it's a relatively relaxed environment in which to be productive. I have already brought a few friends here, all of whom have been blown away by the excellent group of people that work here.

Great gym, huge variety of machines allowing for a diverse workout every time! Always a positive atmosphere and great friendly staff!

In an area well served with good gyms, Warehouse 1 stands out as the best by a long way. I have trained all over the world and the environment that the team have delivered is the best I have ever seen. The equipment is well chosen and top of the line, suitable for any strength and conditioning program and most other types of training.

Stunning gym with great new equipment, a lot bigger than it looks on photos. I'd 100% recommend Amber's circuit classes- a pure 30mins of high intensity, sweat and an increased heart rate! Quick and efficient, just what you need in a class!

Fantastic Hammer strength equipment, friendly staff and great gym family atmosphere. I would highly recommend this blinding gym to anyone!! I've trained in a lot of gyms being a competitive bodybuilder and I'm telling you, this is up there with the best I've been in

what a fantastic gym... caters for all people with a huge range of equipment and I feel very welcome when I arrive.

If you’re looking for a top gym to train in, look no further, check it out and sure be surprised what it has to offer.

Great gym, great equipment, great staff.

Am enjoying the gym very much, one of the best I've been to. Would recommend to others.

Fantastic facilities and very friendly atmosphere. I find most gyms terribly intimidating, but this one is different! Suits all shapes and sizes, the main motivation is fitness, strength, and health. Apart from state-of-the-art equipment, the warehouse gym also offers a friendly chill out area, great changing facilities, and ample off-street parking. All in all, a great place to come! Very welcoming, friendly, supportive and encouraging to all!

I have been coming to Danny's boot camp for a year now and I am thrilled that he has moved us to The Warehouse Gym. The gym is fantastic- it's in a fab location and has some amazing facilities. Everything is new and immaculate. Everyone is really friendly and encouraging and I really enjoy coming. The coffee is great too. I love it here- thank you for being such a brilliant venue.

The facilities at the warehouse gym are second to none. The trainers are all knowledgeable and provide the right balance between motivating and challenging you in every session. I find most gyms quite intimidating but have felt nothing but welcome here.

After 2 and half years training outdoors and in a tiny studio, the Warehouse Gym is the height of luxury. Great studio, great equipment, and phenomenal coaches. Jeremy makes the best shakes too!

The warehouse gym is excellent, the staff are so welcoming and are always there to help, the classes are very enjoyable and challenging at the same time!

I have really enjoyed using the gym it is really clean and nice to use, the staff are all really nice and welcoming. There is a good selection of weight and cardio!

The Warehouse Gym has a great atmosphere; friendly and helpful staff and is always very clean. The gym provides high quality facilities and has a fantastic selection of equipment.

I am so happy to have joined the Warehouse Gym for many fantastic reasons – fully airconditioned, the staff are very helpful and always very friendly, the gym is always clean and tidy and is full of top equipment for members to use. I love the friendly atmosphere – the Gym Manager is always available and is always very happy to help.

The Warehouse Gym is the great gym that this area has been lacking. It is extremely well equipped with every basic piece of equipment as well as the more advanced equipment. It is also a highly motivating environment with lovely staff. The favourite gym that I have been to.

As a new member to warehouse gym, I’m already impressed with the premium quality it has to offer. I love the Hammer Strength and Life Fitness machines. David and his staff have been especially good with offering its new members with the customer service you would expect from a premium quality gym as it offers so much and it’s all under one roof. Well done to all of the team at Warehouse.

I wanted to leave my old gym for a while so when I found this gym I was so happy! The staff here are so friendly and welcoming, it’s made it feel like a nice community here. I love the new equipment and I’ve been using machines I’ve never used before and it’s allowed me to change up my training a bit. Also, the air conditioning in the hot weather is perfect, it’s so nice to train in. I love all the facilities this gym provides, it’s a real gem.

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